This piece is the reason I decided to register this blog. It is supposed to be a pixel representation of a bull, but after some people thought it was a dog, a cow, a devil and a deer, I suppose it’s up to the beholder himself to decide what the picture really is.

It is a combination of two separate influences. The first is a random picture I once say, that showed a multitude of keyboard keys glued to a wall; it was a complete chaos, all kinds of keys, even some media keys as well. The second influence was minimal pixel art. I started liking it so much, because of the challenge – the challenge to create a meaningful image with as less details as possible. It’s really interesting an engaging for me, since I saw one such picture of a boy with a baseball hat and a backpack, made with less than two hundred pixels – insane!

One morning I thought about those two things, when I suddenly realized that I could easily combine them, for the keys are, pretty much, square shaped. I made some sketches, but I was afraid to place it outdoors, because in my little town, weird looking objects that don’t seem to serve some meaningful purpose do not survive for long. There was one solution – to make it somewhere high, so vandal freaks couldn’t reach it.

As I wondered where I should place the first piece of the (would-be) series of keyboard-minimal-pixel-street-art installations, I recalled of a crafts shop, where the shopkeepers seemed open to art in general. I talk with them about my ideas and they liked, so I asked them if I could place my art right next to their shop, and they were kind enough to say yes. The rest is details. What matters is that the idea I had didn’t remain as such, but actually was expressed.


  1. All right, I like it!
    It is great to meet such a nice idea in Bulgaria, especially in a small town.
    I will follow your development as a street artist and I hope you will leave a trace in your town, and beyond it.

  2. Aa ето защо търсеше стълбата… и стои ли още? или го махнаха

  3. Georgi Stankov said:

    Yesterday I visited Dimitrovgrad and I found your art. Unfortunately it was badly ruined. I suppose you did not use the proper glue.

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