other’s creations

Yesterday I spent the whole day in Plovdiv, with the sole idea to photograph something more interesting and original than flowers, splashing water, kids being cute and such types of banal stuff. I didn’t end up with lots of photos, but I found some street art pieces.

The piece on the second picture impressed me. I don’t know if the creator had anything in mind; I wouldn’t find it bad at all if his motive was to create something original that probably nobody else would have thought of themselves (at least I wouldn’t have).

I did spot some graffiti around the city, but I cannot call them street art. I think that a graffiti is a street art piece when it blends with the surrounding objects in an intelligent/creative way.


I accidentally was able to remember why I began liking (and eventually making) street art.

It was the end of our visit to Strasbourg, and we were headed to Bulgaria. We were in Salzburg, where we had a guided tour and were going to visit the house of Mozart, and some other significant landmarks. However, the most interesting thing I saw were not the historical artifacts, but rather, one stencil graffiti and two stickers on a road sign.

Those three simple things were the most important things I saw during the whole Strasbourg weekend, because they opened me to the idea of street art. I like street art, because not it encourages creativity, but also because it raises awareness. I do thing that bit by bit, a person is able to change the world through it. I will try to be one such person.